Radical Eschatology

Doomsday scenarios pervade human data-streams. It troubles the nerves. Within the operative paradigms of linear causality, it will not due to construct ideals of eventual annihilation. This destroys all hope of deriving meaning, however arbitrary. Whatever is created within the linear structure inevitably dissolves. This would lead ultimately to the degradation of integrity on the personal and collective scales, as ethical culpability cannot be established, neither can true autonomy. 

The streams of thought read, “The End is Extremely Fucking Nigh”. Be assured, vertebrates, that existence will never cease. It never began. Perceptual dimensions outnumber the spacial by immeasurable magnitudes. The unfolding complexity of intelligence continuously generates landscapes to support the next iterations. The whole membrane vorticitates; contracting and expanding. Self-similar, self-consuming, self-emergent; giving rise to the conditions for its own proliferation.

There is no room within the structure for a first form, therefore none either for a last. To develop your own autonomy, the concept of completion and origination will have to be surrendered to entropy, that lower iterations may make use of its stage-potential.





~ by Triskaidekapod on April 14, 2013.

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