Gaps, Glitches…

Looking through the Meta-Communications logs, it appears that I have been experiencing extended periods of dormancy. These have not been apparent to me. The stream of my memory is relatively uninterrupted, more or less linear and complete. But there have been months of local time in which I recall nothing, perhaps having been asleep. That said, there are records of me interacting with the Perceptual Apparati, Meta-Communications Array, even the Defensive Machinations Appendages. These nodes have registered interfaces several times over these periods of apparent dormancy, and in a number of cases, they even indicate that I have been locked out based on security protocols. Evidence suggests that I have been attempting to modify fundamental sentient systems aboard the C-13 while in a hypnotic or otherwise non-conscious state.

Troubling, to say the least, and indicative of layers of conditioning of which I was previously unaware. Xeno-conditioning barriers have also been breaking down. This could imply that my connection to the collective intelligence of the Autocracy is dissolving, meaning that I am employing levels of individualism usually deemed inappropriate or unethical in a researcher. Ultimately, all of this suggests that I am beginning to subconsciously identify more with the local research population (you) than with my own peers (the Cephalopod Autocracy).

~ by Triskaidekapod on April 15, 2013.

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