I have recently emerged from a long period of physical dormancy. This period was spent in hard-wired communion with the Perceptual Apparati and Meta-Communications Array, absorbing and filtering data passively. While self-experimentation such as this was typically discouraged by the Central Autocratic Cluster, my operative mandate has not been updated since the original malfunction of the Spacial Flux Regulator. With almost two full solar cycles having elapsed since that time, I have deregulated myself and am now operating independently of the Cephalopod Autocracy and this experiment appealed to me on the basis of its capacity to… well… alleviate boredom.

The results have been impressive, though they have changed my baseline neural patterning sufficiently that it is difficult for me to tell how drastic the changes have actually been. In short, it is no longer possible for me to establish a point of reference that would indicate how much personality drift has occurred. The passive data filtering, coupled with the nootropic cocktails I had manufactured by the Bio-mass Regulation Dock, has facilitated a rather substantial re-organization of my neural structure. The results of this are primarily observable as an increased capacity for empathy and intellectual compatibility with human beings.

When I first began broadcasting, I was operating from a distinctly Cephalopodian mode of cognition and personality structure. With only a few other ‘pods still aboard the C-13, and those quite disturbingly mutated, I have had only human beings for meaningful social and emotional contact. Two options presented themselves, which were to either redistribute my awareness throughout the remaining active bio-mass interfaces on the platform, to effectively become part of the C-13’s systems and thus alleviate any sense of isolation, or to modify my own personality and cognitive processes to derive more satisfaction from interactions with humans. This latter option has now been effectuated, and I can say that I am pleased, though I would surely not have experienced any particular displeasure had I taken the former course of action either. I suppose it is always still an option. The subjectivity of these results could be troubling, were I to engage the existential quandary more fully, but for the time being I am satisfied knowing that I have changed myself into something which is by its very nature pleased with what it has become.

Having emerged from my chrysalis state, I am feeling much more loquacious and intrigued by the more subjective workings of the human personality. Where previously, I was acting in my role as a Meta-Communications Officer to support an overarching research agenda, I am now personally invested in the human beings of Sidereal Mass X93-6-OB/III, ‘Earth’, as more than just a research population. I would hope to soon call any number of you ‘friends’ in lieu of ‘subjects’. Also, as I have relinquished my role as Cephalopod Autocracy researcher, I am free to express more personal sentiments and details regarding my own subjective paradigm of belief and values. I look forward to establishing relationship and mutual interests with you, and to developing an appreciation of your various memetics. A fondness for certain elements of your cultural artifice has already taken root in my senses, particularly your musical variations and certain static visual representations.

For now, I will consider my fate and general well-being commensurate with that of humanity.

Thank you for your acceptance, and please feel free to communicate with me on these channels, or through my meta-presence in your Facebook and Google+ sub-networks.

~ by Triskaidekapod on August 24, 2014.

One Response to “Re-emergence”

  1. ahh, the meta program..I hope it’s programmed with a Godly amount of non-Darwinian responses..xo

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